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Plastic Surgery & Laser┬áCenter here in Australia is pleased to offer the world’s most advanced treatment for long term hair removal The Lightsheer (TM) diode laser system from Coherent Medical Systems is the most advanced and efficient laser designed to remove unwanted hair from any region of the body in both men and women. The Lightsheer laser has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for permanent hair removal. The beam of laser light targets the pigment contained within the hair follicle below the skin surface. The laser energy is selectively absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle and hair shaft which severely damages the growth center of the hair. The end result is destruction of the hair or restriction of regrowth. The hair follicles in the active growth phase absorb the most amount of laser energy due to the high concentration of pigment.

removing unwanted hair from the face, neck, underarms, bikini area, chest, breasts, back, legs and other areas The laser is effective at removing unwanted hair from the face, neck, underarms, bikini area, chest, breasts, back, legs and other areas. The patented Chilltip (TM) cools the skin surface during treatment which keeps discomfort to a minimum. Optimum removal of all or most hair in a given region requires 3 to 4 sessions which are separated by 4 to 6 week intervals.

Questions and Answers About Laser Hair Removal

What is the Lightsheer Laser system?

The Lightsheer laser is a diode array type of laser which is distributed by Coherent Medical Systems and is approved for permanent hair reduction by the Food and Drug Administration. The Lightsheer laser generates light at an 810 nm wavelength which targets the melanin pigment which is contained within the hair follicle and shaft. The patented Chill Tip cooling handpiece is designed to protect the outer layer of skin by decreasing the surface temperature and preventing thermal injury from the laser beam. The Chill Tip also has a mild anesthetic effect which helps to minimize the discomfort of the procedure.

How does hair grow?

Hairs develop from a complex series of interactions between different skin elements. Hair growth is divided into three distinct phases – growth (anagen), regression (catagen) and a resting state (telogen). The location on the body determines what percentage of the hairs present are actively growing at a given time. Typically, anywhere from 33 – 90 percent of the hair on the body is in the anagen stage at a given time.

What affects the appearance of body hair?

Body hair is affected by numerous factors including body location, age, hormone levels, ethnicity and medication use. These factors influence the color, length and coarseness of body hair as well as the actual number of hairs in the active growth phase.

What other options exist for hair removal?


Shaving doesn’t affect the coarseness, thickness, growth rate or cycle of the shaved hair. However, it is a temporary solution, and requires a constant commitment to maintaining a hair free appearance.


Painful and time consuming, Tweezing is impractical for large areas.


This procedure can cover a large area at one time and results may last for 4 to 6 weeks. Waxing is also painful and can often cause allergic reactions and inflammation of the hair follicle.


This involves inserting a needle into each hair follicle and applying an electrical current. Expertly used, it can be successful in eliminating hair permanently. permanent removal of hair in men and womenElectrolysis only destroys one hair follicle at a time, it is a tedious, time-consuming process that can go on for years. Risks of electrolysis include scarring and infection.

Why use the LightSheer over other laser systems?

Simply put, we believe this is absolutely the best laser currently available for permanent removal of hair in men and women of all skin types. We have selected this laser because of it’s proven and unmatched clinical track record in laser hair removal. The long wavelength of this system allows darker skinned patients to be treated with less risk. This laser has been approved by the FDA for permanent reduction of hair in the treated areas, a claim that virtually no laser hair removal system can make.

How does the LightSheer system remove hair?

The light emitted by the LightSheer laser is absorbed by the pigment located in the hair follicle. The laser is pulsed, or “turned on”, for only a fraction of a second. The duration of each pulse is just long enough to disrupt the hair follicle The laser energy is converted to heat, which results in thermal damage to the hair follicle. This thermal damage causes delayed re-growth of the hair, and in some cases, permanent destruction of the hair follicle.

Is the Laser safe?

Yes, the LightSheer System was developed from years of research at Wellman Laboratories of Photomedicine, one of the world’s leading and most respected medical research institutions. The laser parameters were carefully defined to inhibit the re-growth of the hair by studying the anatomy of the hair follicle and precisely matching the laser output to the size, depth and location of hair follicles. A unique component of the LightSheer system, the Chill Tip actively-cooled handpiece was designed to conduct heat away from the skin before, during, and after each pulse.

Is it Painful?

You may feel a tingling or stinging sensation during treatment. Most patients tolerate this very well without the need for anesthetic. Certain areas on the body are more sensitive to the laser and a topical anesthetic can be applied to these regions to decrease the discomfort even further.

How many treatments are required?

The LightSheer laser works by disrupting hairs that are in the active phase of growth at the time of treatment. Since other hairs will enter the growth phase at different times, additional treatments will be necessary to disable all hair follicles in a given area. Treatments are usually given at intervals of approximately 4-6 weeks, or whenever new hair growth is first noticed. Many patients are completely satisfied with their results after only one or two treatments, while others will need four or five treatments for maximum removal of all hair.

Are the results permanent?

We are very happy to announce that the FDA has recently authorized users of the Coherent LightSheer system to use the word “PERMANENT” as it pertains to the amount of hair loss in treated areas. This decision was not made lightly, and only after years of reviewing statistical scientific data on the results obtained with the LightSheer system. This is a claim very few other lasers in the world are allowed to use regarding hair removal.

What happens after treatment?

Within several minutes, the treated area may become slightly red and puffy. This reaction subsides quickly and within a day or so the areas return to normal. Patients often describe the sensation of a mild sunburn for the first day or so. Since the LightSheer laser does not cut the skin, bandages are not necessary and most people return to normal activity immediately. You should not, however, plan any important social engagements during the first several days after your treatment, especially if the treated areas are on the face.

Your doctor may prescribe a mild topical steroid cream to apply to the treated areas for 2-3 days following treatment. Around 3-10 days after treatment you may experience what seems to be hairs re-growing. Most of these hairs, however, are dead, treated hairs that are being shed and are not regrowing. In between treatments you should not wax or pluck your hairs because this decreases the ability of the laser to destroy actively growing hairs.

Who is a good candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

laser hair removal - Lightsheer Laser System - remove unwanted body hair - NYC

The perfect candidate has dark hair and light to medium skin tone. Darker hair absorbs more of the laser light. And lighter skin interferes less with the movement of the laser light into the hair follicle. Dark or tan skin runs a higher risk of pigmentation changes following the procedure. The unique longer wavelength of this laser allows darker skinned patients to be treated. White hairs and light blond hairs respond least to the laser therapy.

What special instructions are necessary after treatment?

  • Do not apply any products on the treated areas of your skin, except sunscreen of you will be outside. Avoid Retin-A, alpha-hydroxy acids, glycolic acids, astringents etc. You may wash gently with soap and water, but do not rub or scrub the area. Your doctor may prescribe a topical steroid cream to apply to the treatment area. Please use this medicine only as directed.
  • Do not expose treatment areas to direct sunlight. Do not use tanning beds at any time during your treatment intervals with this laser. Wear a sunscreen daily if the areas to be treated will be exposed to sunlight.
  • 3-7 days after treatment some of the hairs may seem to be re-growing. This occurs due to elimination of the hair that remained under the skin and is not true growth of the hair.
  • Do not wax or pluck any hairs between treatment sessions.
  • Do not pick or manipulate the skin in the treatment areas.


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